Hi, I'm Aravind.

Developer for life, Evangelist by Virtue


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Hello Peeps!

I’m an engineer working in Cloud Security domain at McAfee LLC. I’m from Visakhapatnam,AP., the city of destiny. I mostly code in Java(my first love), JavaScript and some times Android.I am interested in public speaking and teaching. I am a toastmaster too.

I cherish technology and love talking about it with people.

My experience includes :

  1. Having 5+ years of experience in developing applications on various Cloud Platforms like VMWare,AWS,Azure and GCP.
  2. Worked as a individual contributor and collaborated with partners to integrate solutions.
  3. As a Member of Toastmasters International, gave speeches and hosted various events, participated in International Speech Contest.
  4. I’m passionate in evangelizing tech, spoke in various developer meetups regularly and also blog at Medium

Latest Post

May 7, 2017


Fantastic! This is my first post here, But… All the cool kids are on Medium, so I’m going to blog there. Do visit my Medium profile for all the articles that write.